Engine test cell monitoring
Testing of generators, pumps,compressors, turbo-expanders and other rotating equipment
R&D lab analysis and testing
Continuous on-line monitoring of rotating equipment

Industry exclusive:*Manual Operation Module
Programmable filtering,including tracking, sweep and*balance mode operations
Simultaneous tracking and sweep operations
Up to 14 independent input channels *Optional

The modular programmable CEC 8000 Computer-Controlled Amplifier/ Tracking System (C-CATS) offers more power and greater flexibility than ever. It provides continuous online vibration monitoring of rotating equipment for industrial manufacturing engine test cells and other environments requiring precision machine monitoring.

The CEC 8000 is the only system of its type to offer an optional Manual Operation Module (M.O.M.), which allows the user to set up,perform and store specific tests for immediate recall, without the aid of a PC.
Each 8000 amplifier module combines fully selectable transducer, tachometer and filter settings with a complete range of AC, DC and proportional outputs for unparalleled accuracy and resolution. An 8000 system contains 1 to 14 independent signal amplifiers installed in a 3U or 6U 19-inch chassis mount enclosure. Each amplifier offers two fully programmable alarms using independent SPST relays.

The 8000 C-CATS extends CEC’s 60-year tradition of excellence to a new generation of vibration monitoring instrumentation incorporating the latest proven modular technology for today’s most advanced analysis and testing installations.


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