About Us

Vibcon Instrument supplies a wide range of high-quality vibration monitoring & aircraft equipment. Regardless of whether you are a high-volume buyer looking for a profitable relationship or an end-user looking for economical solutions, our substantial variety of products allows us to provide a customized proposal to fit your needs, big or small, foreign or domestic. If your concern is the measurement and quantification of vibration severity or the continuous protection of machinery from harmful running conditions, Vibcon Instruments has a solution for you.

Vibcon’s product line includes High Temperature Transducer, High and Low Temperature Accelerometer, Piezoelectric accelerometer, 4-20 mA Loop Power Transmitter, Proximity Transmitter System, PortableVibration Shaker, Vibration Mechanical &Electrical Switch, Signal Conditioner, Impact Transmitter, Speed sensor system, Conduit Elbow and Assembly Cable. Vibcon is a VibroTech international distributor which supports products like engineering institute, motor, cooling tower, heating fan, any industrial fans, compressor, reciprocating compressor, power plant, any industrial pumps, engine, blower, and machine turbine.  The most important and beneficialdetail of VibroTech products is the HART Protocol Communication which is the ability of field modification as the customer desires.